Pumkinbread with seeds

Hi all you ketolovers!

This time I want to post another experiment I tried out. I wanted to make a beautiful tasty bread but without almondflour or eggs. Seing seeds aren’t good for my (former) leaky gut in any bigger amount I was certain I would let them soak at first to let the antinutrients get weaker. If you trigger on bread even if it is lchf or keto or just started your keto journey, let it be for a couple of months. It’s not worth it. But if you like me, love baking and you have your health in a good grip you can try this delicious, crisp and soft bread. I always make big batches to have for my boys and my big girl. This time I didn’t even put any in the freezer bc they we’re all eaten but I bet it would work out fine.


You take

70 g of peeled sesam seeds

120 g of peeled sunflower seeds

40 g pumkin seeds

90 g of flaxseeds

1 Tbs of salt or to your taste

1 Tbs of applevinegar

200 ml water

Let it soak over night. The salt and the vinegar helps to neutralize the antinutrients in the seeds binding to the important minerals in our food.

The next day

2 Tbs Inulin

2 Tbs Physsilum Husk

450 g cookes or steamed Butternuss or Hokkaido. and mashed ( you can use four eggs instead if you are sensitive to carbs or are in the first stage of losing weight)

There’s already salt in it but try to be sure it’s enough 🙂

My blog is called spice up your life bc I love different flavours and the magic of all spices when you add heat and a wooden spoon. So for the swedish touch add our herbs fennel, caraway and anis and if you have a mortar even better. Otherwise buy them already done.

I add a lot… but I guess half a teaspoon of each is good for starters.

I used half a baking sheet and it was the height I wanted. It took longer in the oven so consider a whole sheet if you want it real thin. But then you won’t have the yummie soft inside so I’m against that version  😉 .

I baked it for over an hour on 160° Celcius and then let it dry for an hour or more with the hatch open on 80°. Just a little bit open with a wooden spoon inbetween. So now you can try this one and the next time the other version with eggs and 100 grams of grated italian parmesan and tell me wich one you liked the most.

Don’t go crazy on the bread though, as inulin does feed the bacteria in the bowels but too much of a good thing is never good 😉  I’m all for resistent starch but don’t overdo it!

Have a great day!